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The First Annual Women's One Acts

WOA! Our First Women's One Acts



Eden Prairie Players is producing its first ever Collection of Women's One Acts. Conscious of theater's influence in the community, Eden Prairie Players wholeheartedly decided to establish a Women's One Acts festival in order to increase opportunities for women-identified theatrical artists. We selected plays written by women across the country and hired female directors from the local theater community to helm them. But we think the universal themes explored in these plays will appeal to women and men alike. This year, the Women's One Acts festival debuts with six incredible comedies and dramas giving voice to thirty-two actors, directors, and playwrights. Come prepared for laughs and tears as we celebrate women in theater! 



May 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th
Riley-Jacques Barn (Map)


Tickets are $15 for general seating, $20 for premium seats.



Our selections:


by Karen Saari

directed by Jen Cordes

Lorna is a young single mother who needs a job. When she applies for a retail gig at a Disney-like corporation, she is screened by an automated interviewer with an agenda of her own. A class-based battle of wits ensues in this one-act comedy.

Into the City

by Marj ONeill-Butler

directed by Liz Michaelson

While traveling to New York City on the ferry, Ashley's future is foretold.

Medical Records

by Connie Schindewolf

directed by Lori Alsdurf

While filling out medical records and waiting to see the doctor, Marla, visits the past. She sees herself doing the same thing only at four different ages. The Marlas interact, and the Marla who is only 17 is quite shocked at what the future will bring.

Jim Reaper

by Tracey Jane Smith

directed by Jessica Passaro

After years of marriage, recent divorcée Blanche flirts with an oddly irresistible man named Jim at a party, while insurance-adjuster Bob tries to avoid him at all costs. Knowledgeable party-goer Doris identifies their host as THE Jim Reaper, and the fates of his respective guests are revealed in a card game. A score of dark idioms comes to life in this fun personification of death as a reasonable guy just doing his job.

Homespun Webs: Imagining Louise Bourgeois

by C.J. Ehrlich

directed by Taryn Verley

Newly-divorced Madeline is getting shakier by the minute as she drinks her way through her first night in her shabby, noisy apartment. Just as she decides she doesnt have what it takes to start a new adventure, help arrives, in the spectral form of the renowned giant spider artist Louise Bourgeois, come to teach Madeline about weaving new webs.

Meet the Pets

by Tracey Jane Smith

directed by Tabitha Kerr and Kelly Rohde


Nothing goes to plan when a player brings home his people-pleasing girlfriend to meet 'them': Daisy and Ms. Cuddles. The pets observe a human date in this anthropomorphic comedy. TEASER: Approval must be earned.


Cast List 


LornaVictoria Temiz
Princess MackenziEmily Gustafson
Into the City
JeanLaura Bishop
AshleyClaire Avery
CurtAustin Evans
LollyChristy Jones
Medical Records
Marla 60+Gina Light
Marla 17Bridget Foy
Marla 27Emily Anderson
Marla 37Wendy Hathaway
Jim Reaper
JimChad Giefer
BlancheSusan Dempsey
DorisSher Unruh-Friesen
BobDavid Durkee
Homespun Webs: Imagining Louise Bourgeois
MadelineAlana LaBissoniere
LouiseStephanie Gleeson
Meet the Pets
AlexMolly Blaeser
WillChristopher DeVaan
Ms. CuddlesLynnda Nelson
DaisyBeth Ryan