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The Philadelphia Story Cast and Crew

Eden Prairie Players is pleased to present the cast and crew of our Winter production, The Philadelphia Story. Our thanks to everyone who auditioned!
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Role Actor
Tracy Lord Gretchen Baglyos Reed
Margaret Lord Gizelle Erickson
Seth Lord Kerry Foerster
Dinah Lord Lauren Schulke
Sandy Lord Mike Elder
Uncle Willie Steve Sterling
CK Dexter Haven Mark Bauer
Liz Imbrie Christy Nix
George Kittredge Paul Modderman
Mike Connor Philip Skretvedt
Mac Tom Peterson
The Butler Doug White
The Maid Beth Tangeman


Production Staff  
Director Stephen Houtz
Stage Manager Matt Kraft
Producer Liz Michaelson
Costumer Designer Peggy Lushine
Asst. Stage Manager Kelsey Eide
Set Designer Beth Janetski