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The Glass Slipper

by Vera Morris

Cinderella works and works in her nasty stepmother's house.  Her silly stepsisters, Brunhilda and Cleopatra, think they're so beautiful that the prince will marry them both, but the prince spends most of the evening at a palace ball trying to escape from them! The prince vows to marry the girl whose foot fits the slipper.  The ladies of the kingdom attempt to squeeze into the tiny shoe.  Cleopatra can only manage one big toe!  Naturally, by the final curtain, Cinderella and the Prince are reunited and the stepsisters get an unexpected comeuppance.

2 Performances each day - August 3, 4, 5
Riley Jacques Barn

Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4, 2:30 PM and 7:00 PM
Sunday, August 5, 1:00 PM and 3:30 PM

Ages 5 and under, $3
All others, $5
Ticket sales begin 45 minutes before each show at the door.

Riley Jacques Barn, 9100 Riley Lake Road


Megen Hegenbarth Attila
Jenna Wagner Cleopatra
Shelby Evans Brunhilda
Riley McGlasson Queen
Kameryn Czech Mouse
Elaina Gerst Mouse
Mia Pettit Mouse
Sarah Hilligoss Cinderella
Celeste Frakes Apprentice Fairy Godmother
Zoe Pettit Mistress Haughty
Benjamin Fox Majordomo
Grant Matzke The Prince
Samantha Heiberg Pumpkinhead
Rachel Johnson Lady Vine
Elise Nawrocki Lady Ursula-Ursula
Elena Hansen Lady Blossom
Stephanie Skonieczay Captain
Rebecka Miller Fairy Godmother
Hugh Seaton Lieutenant
Caleb Miller Lieutenant
Lexi Reed Stepmother
Cecilia Casper Lady *
Carmen Casper Lady *
Julia Reed Lady *
Lilia Klute Lady *
Mandy Hipwell Lady *
Ariel Bodnar-Klein Lady *