Eden Prairie Players

Live Theater in Eden Prairie

One Acts Produced as Part of Our Collection


Year Play       Unpublished Work*PlaywrightDirector
 2016The Prodigal Cow*
Mark Harvey LevineMegan Klett
Erik Meixelsperger
Reed Schulke
 Monkey Play*
Rand Higbee
Gina Light and
Matthew Kraft
Frank Tangredi
Stephen Houtz
 Bob & Jane One*
Walt Vail
Rhianna Picht
 How I Knew Her*
Allie CostaLiz Michaelson
 Gram Scams*
Cary Pepper
Jen Cordes
 2015Mere MortalsDavid IvesStephen Houtz
 Controlling Interest
Wayne S. RawleyKerry Foerster
 Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)
Paul Dooley & Winnie Holzman
Taryn Verley
 Back to Normal*
Tom Moran
Gizelle Erickson
 Credit Check
Eddie Zipperer
David Durkee
 Canyon’s Edge*
Barbara LindsayMatthew Kraft
 Tough Cookies*
Brett HurseyLiz Michaelson
 The Right to Remain
Melanie MarnichReed Schulke
 2014Ferris WheelMary MillerGizelle Erickson
 Framed*Brandon HolscherBrandon Holscher
 Me And My Shadow*Rich Orloff
Matthew Kraft
 Tummy Trouble*
Beth Tangeman
Beth Tangeman
 The Last Days of Wonder*Tess Light
Warren Sampson
 What You Don’t Know*
Mora Harris
Rhianna Picht
 And What a Damn Fine Morning It Is*
Trace Crawford
Reed Schulke
 2013Sunk*Caity Shea VioletteReed Schulke
 The Right to RemainMelanie Marnich Linda Hayen
 Late*Sina Lucia SkatesMatthew Kraft
 The Ketchup Bottle*Tony Devaney Morinelli Linda Hayen
 Funeral Parlor Christopher DurangAbigail Nones
 Shooting Pool With A RopeLynn-Steven JohansonDavid Durkee
 The August Jinx*Linda Escalera PriceJennifer Kaune
 Tough Cookies*Brett HurseyBen Layne

The Lady and "The Tyger" or William
Blake's "How I Met Your Mother"

Trace CrawfordAbigail Nones
 The Rental*Mark Harvey LevineMatthew Kraft
 The Sweet Spot*Richard KarulfDeb Karulf
 Credit CheckEddie ZippererReed Schulke
 In the Yichud Room*Joel FishbaneStephen Houtz
 Canyon's Edge*Barbara LindsayKerry Foerster
2011Weight of the World*Eddie ZippererDavid Durkee
 Malled*Kerry FoersterKerry Foerster
 Missing*Robin PondJennifer Kaune
 Seldom is Heard*Mary SteelsmithAbigail Nones
 Wanda's VisitChristopher DurangLiz Michaelson
 BedtimeMary GallagherCrystal G. Schneider
 A Passion PlayPippin ParkerLinda Hayen
2010WASPSteve MartinStephen Houtz
 Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)Paul Dooley & Winnie HolzmanReed Schulke
 Back To Normal*Tom MoranLiz Michaelson
 Storms, Sheets & Show Tunes*Stacey LaneLiz Michaelson
 For One Day*Ryan M. GageMatthew Kraft
 Mornin' Son O' Mine*Tom DeikerDan Reiva
2009ImpromptuTad MoselStephen Houtz
 MedeaChristopher Durang & Wendy WassersteinLiz Michaelson
 Last TuesdayDonald MarguliesTom Peterson
 Will You Accept The ChargesNeal BellReed Schulke
 Controlling InterestWayne S. RawleyEmily Meranda
 The Last YankeeArthur MillerJim Melzer
2008Desire, Desire, DesireChristopher Durang 
 The Committee MeetingJoellenn K. Bland 
 No ShoulderNina Shengold 
 Rose Beds *Jeannine Coulombe 
 The Siren Song of Stephen Jay GouldBenjamin Bettenbender 
2007The Still AlarmGeorge S. Kaufman 
 27 Wagons Full of CottonTennessee Williams 
 The ValiantHolworthy Hall & Robert Middlemass 
 Words, Words, WordsDavid Ives 
 The Tridget of GrevaRing Larner 
2006Sure ThingDavid Ives 
 VisitationRebecca Reynolds 
 Are We There Yet?Kent R. Brown 
 The SandboxEdward Albee 
 The Actor's NightmareChristopher Durang 
2005Mere MortalsDavid Ives 
 The Lady of Larkspur LotionTennessee Williams 
 The Zoo StoryEdward Albee 
 For Whom the Southern Belle TollsChristopher Durang