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Summer Musical - Doctor Dolittle


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse 

Based on the Doctor Dolittle Stories by Hugh Lofting and the Twentieth Century Fox film.


Directed by Stephen Houtz

Musical Director Melissa Warhol

Choreographer Brianna Belland

We are pleased to bring to the outdoor amphitheater stage at Staring Lake Park the classic tale of a wacky but kind Doctor who can talk to animals. The show takes the audience on a journey from the small English village of Puddleby-in-the-Marsh to the far corners of the world. Doctor Dolittle is wrongly accused of murder and, once pronounced innocent, continues with his search for the Great Pink Sea Snail--the oldest and wisest of the creatures on earth.

Cast List:

Dr. Dolitte:Mike Martin
Polynesia:Beth Tangeman
Matthew Mugg:Matt Englund
General Bellowes:Greg Olson
Baliff:James Gayther
Lady Dymme-Witt:Sarah Weyers
Emma Fairfax:Megan McKeown
Tommy Stubbins:Ben Gunderson
Pushmi-Pullyu:Dominic Najjar, Zach Hays
Albert Blossom:Steve Fusselman
Gertie Blossom:Tina Paulk
Policemen:Chris Maresca
Straight Arrow:Chris Maresca


Villagers, Circus Performers, Popsipetelans:

Chris Maresca, Tina Paulk, Steve Fusselman, Katie Bates,

James Gayther, Gina Light, Kathy O’Brien, Sarah Weyers, Dominic Najjar,

Zach Hays

Animals (Jip, the sheepdog, Rufus Bellowes, bulldog, Dab-Dab, the duck, Chee-Chee, the chimpanzee, Gub-Gub, a piglet, Mildred, a cow, Toggle, the horse, Sheila, the fox, Sophie, the seal):

Dominique Paulk, Rosie Paulk, Rachel Paulk, Mia Pettit,

Carley Clover, Celeste Frakes, Simon Strain, Andrew Strain, Ben Strain,

  Ryan Stoltz, Samantha Morell


June 13 - 15, 19 - 22 at 7:00 pm.
Staring Lake Amphitheatre (Map)