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Collection of One Acts

Featuring the VERY best plays from our first 10 years of One Acts.

Sept. 18–19, 24*–26 at 7:30 pm
Sept. 20 and 27 at 2 pm

Tickets $15 for regular seats or $20 for premium seats at the door (cash and checks only) or in advance at edenprairieplayers.com.


*Sept. 24 is a pay-what-you-can for regular seats if you pay at the door.


Riley-Jacques Barn

9100 Riley Lake Road



Mere Mortals by David Ives

directed by Stephen Houtz

This comedy from our inaugural 2005 season concerning three construction workers during their lunch break gets really weird when one of them confides that he is secretly a famous crime victim.

Frank:     Chad Giefer

Joe:         John Hoselton

Charlie: Greg Olson


Controlling Interest by Wayne S. Rawley

directed by Kerry Foerster

A favorite from our 2009 season is this hysterical farce in which adult actors playing children, acting like adults debate the merits of playing Star Wars and eating boogers vs. the horrors of liking the opposite sex.

Jack:      James Wilsford

Steven:    Michael Oslund

Brad:       Joey Metzger

Ashley:   Laura Hall

Bethany: Emily Holasek

Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage) by Paul Dooley & Winnie Holzman

directed by Taryn Verley

A charming and moving romance from our 2010 season in which the ups and downs of life are shown through the notes a couple left one another through a long and mostly happy marriage.

Wife:        MariBeth Schulke

Husband: Reed Schulke


Back to Normal by Tom Moran

directed by Gizelle Erickson

Also from our 2010 season, this cheeky social satire features a family called into the school psychiatrist’s office, where the parents are informed their daughter appears to suffer from Attention Surplus Disorder. But don’t be alarmed, the government is here to help!

Ted Jacobs: James Wilsford

Gina Jacobs: Lynn Winkleman

Melissa Jacobs: Eliina Canham

Mrs. Harriman:  Brianna Belland

Mr. Black: Joey Metzger

Credit Check by Eddie Zipperer

directed by David Durkee

A married couple find themselves in the afterlife in this comedy from 2012. Jessica believes things won’t be too different, but David argues that his marriage vows (til death do us part) have been fulfilled. God, a helpful “real estate angel”, and an angel of a different kind are here to set him straight.

David:     Chad Giefer

Jessica:   Jen Cordes

Angela:       Blayke Riggs

God:            David Durkee

Dark Angel: Steve Ramirez

Canyon’s Edge by Barbara Lindsay

directed by Matthew Kraft

From 2012, this absorbing drama involves an elderly couple making a long-postponed visit to the Grand Canyon where they encounter a younger woman in the throes of a personal dilemma.

Roy:  Ed Korte

Coral:  Gina Light

Kathy: Megan Klett

Tough Cookies by Brett Hursey

directed by Liz Michaelson

A bad first date just gets weirder and weirder in this comedy from 2013. An entitled jackass gets his comeuppance from a serving of fortune cookies with attitude.

Roxanne: Taryn Verley

Chaz/Waiter:    Jeremy Johnson

Waiter/Chaz:    Chris Maresca

The Right to Remain by Melanie Marnich

directed by Reed Schulke

You have the right to remain silent, but this drama from our 2013 collection shows that it doesn’t take NSA intervention for your digital trail to convict you of your most personal transgressions.

Amy: Lori Alsdurf

Peter:   Steve Ramirez

Jenny: Liz Swabey-Keith