Eden Prairie Players

Live Theater in Eden Prairie

Collection of One Acts

This year we are presenting a line-up of seven new, unpublished plays. We have been including unpublished work in the mix for several years now, and we're thrilled to be able to showcase fresh playwriting talent in this way. We chose these seven plays from a field of 250 submissions, reviewed by a group of dedicated volunteers. We take the top twenty or so plays from that process and do a day-long, live table reading to get a better feel for what they are like when performed, and make our final choices from that set. We're really excited about this year's selections!

September 16 and 17 at 7:30 pm
September 18 at 2:00 pm
September 22 to 24 at 7:30 pm
September 25 at 2:00 pm 
Riley-Jacques Barn (Map)
Tickets for evening performances are $15 for general seating, $20 for premium seats.
Tickets for matinee performances are $10 for general seating, $15 for premium seats.
Tickets can be purchased at the door (cash and check only) or online for a small additional fee. 
The Thursday, September 22 performance is pay-what-you-can if you purchase at the door.

Tickets are now available for sale at:

Our selections for 2016: 


The Prodigal Cow

by Mark Harvey Levine

Directed by Megan Klett 

A familiar story, told from a slightly more bovine point of view.


Megan Rowe as Cow

Mehek Jahan as Goat



by Erik Meixelsperger

Directed by Reed Schulke 

A couple mourns the death of their son under unimaginable circumstances that have become all too common.


Lori Alsdurf as Anne

Timmy Rawerts as Mark


Monkey Play

by Rand Higbee 

Directed by Gina Light and Matthew Kraft 

The result of a years-long experiment, Homer is talking chimpanzee. But...does he really talk, or are his utterances nothing more than how a dog barks or a cat mews in order to get attention? Homer must convince his "mother" Stephanie that he is a talking, feeling being, or it's back to the zoo for him. 


Linda Hayen as Stephanie

Steve Ramirez as Homer

Tabitha Kerr as Sally



by Frank Tangredi 

Directed by Stephen Houtz 

Mike McKisco, marketing executive, has come to meet Dale White, brought in from outside to take over Mike's department. Outwardly cordial, Dale makes a series of sly digs that keep Mike off balance and slowly eat away at Mike's confidence. Dale eventually reveals a past connection between the two. 


Chad Giefer as Dale White

James Wilsford as Mike McKisco


Bob & Jane One

by Walt Vail 

Directed by Rhianna Picht 

3m, 2f

BOB & JANE live in one universe, and BOB2, JANE2, and BOB3 another, as ghosts. BOB & JANE ONE are alive and completely unaware of the presence of the ghosts, but sometimes feel a chill of cold air—and look puzzled a moment—. 


Chris Maresca as Bob 1

David Durkee as Bob 2

Steve Ramirez as Bob 3

Shelly Anderl as Jane 1 

Wendy Hathaway as Jane 2


How I Knew Her

by Allie Costa

Directed by Liz Michaelson 

Two strangers grieving the same person cross paths in a graveyard.


Chad Giefer as Cole

Lauren Schulke as Kylie


Gram Scams

by Cary Pepper

Directed by Jen Cordes 

Grandma is at home when the phone rings. It’s her grandson Michael (20’s). “I’m in Canada. I was in an accident. My jaw is wired and I can barely talk. I need $15,000 to pay hospital bills and get my car fixed.” What loving grandma could resist helping out her desperate grandson? Perhaps one who’s a little more savvy and up-to-date than most people would think.


Marcia Graybow as Grandma

Chris Maresca as “Michael”

Dan Shaughnessy as Michael