Eden Prairie Players

Live Theater in Eden Prairie

A Collection of One Acts

We have worked hard to come up with a great set of plays for our ninth annual Collection of One Acts. Enjoy an evening in historic Riley-Jacques Barn with a hand-picked selection of drama and comedy. Light refreshments are included.

Friday and Saturday, Sept. 13–14, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Sept. 15, 2 p.m.
Thursday through Saturday, Sept. 19–21, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Sept. 22, 2 p.m.

Tickets are $15 at the door (cash or check only) or $13 online (you can purchase them below.) Thursday, September 19, is pay what you can. 

Riley-Jacques Barn
9100 Riley Lake Road

Selected for a mature audience.

Play Selections for 2013


by Caity Shea Violette

Directed by Reed Schilke 


The story of Jerry & Catherine's relationship, which is stuck—literally. As they struggle to examine their past relationship they sink deeper and deeper into a pit of quicksand in a Bolivian jungle. Will they escape in time to rekindle their relationship or will they find themselves in over their heads? 

Jerry and Catherine's relationship is stuck—literally. As they struggle to examine their past mistakes they sink deeper and deeper into a pit of quicksand in a Bolivian jungle. Will they escape in time to rekindle their romance or will they find themselves in over their heads?


The Right to Remain

by Melanie Marnich

Directed by Linda Hayen 

You have the right to remain silent, but can your digital trail still convict you of your most personal transgressions?



by Sina Lucia Skates

Directed by Matthew Kraft 

The story of a man spiraling out of control over his wife, who cannot seem to be on time for her own father’s funeral. In the midst of the chaos, and never ending phone calls, a sales driven girl scout arrives on scene only to invite herself to the funeral (in order to sell more cookies), while the handy-man who is there to fix to kitchen sink starts to do a spiritual cleanse in the house to honor the newly departed father.

The Ketchup Bottle

by Tony Devaney Morinelli

Directed by Linda Hayen 


A funny vignette about how a little thing can be a big annoyance. 


Funeral Parlor

by Christopher Durang

Directed by Abigail Nones 

A widow is accosted at her husband’s funeral by a very inappropriate guest.

Shooting Pool with a Rope

by Lynn-Steven Johanson

Directed by David Durkee 

A meeting in a park between a sixteen-year-old boy and a sixty-eight-year-old man changes the direction of their lives. The boy's anger and the man's guilt collide as the two attempt to deal with a new-found reality.

The August Jinx

by Linda Escalera Price

Directed by Jenny Kaune 

Bridget's wedding may be fraught with disaster because of an old family curse. But can Aunt Martha do anything to stop it?

Tough Cookies

by Brett Hursey

Directed by Ben Layne


A bad first date just gets weirder and weirder.



Catherine Kristen Ziegler
Jerry Eric Motzko
The Right To Remain
Jenny Rhianna Picht
Peter Warren Sampson
Amy Marcia Graybow
Henry John Marshall Berard
Beth Amy Luedtke
Miranda Katy Kraemer
Varkis Mike Oslund
The Ketchup Bottle  
  Rhianna Picht
  Paul Modderman
Funeral Parlor  
Marcus Warren Sampson
Susan Beth Tangeman
Mourners Kris Augdahl
  Reese Arthur
  Steve Fusselman
  Gina Light
Shooting Pool with a Rope  
Al Doug White
Stacey Michael Amiri
The August Jinx  
Lucy Rose Johnson
Martha Margo Steffel
Bridget Sheng Lor
Dean Chris Maresca
Minister Kris Augdahl
Tough Cookies  
Chaz Paul Modderman
Rox Kristen Ziegler
Waiter John Marshall Berard