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A Collection of One Acts

Announcing our eighth annual Collection of One Acts. Enjoy an evening in historic Riley-Jacques Barn with a hand-picked selection of drama and comedy. A special highlight of this year's selection is that one of our plays, The Sweet Spot, was written by Eden Prairie resident Richard Karulf.

The Lady and “The Tyger” or William Blake's “How I Met Your Mother” by Trace Crawford, directed by Abigail Nones

Explores how our first impressions of people can be mistaken and that taking the risk to fall in love is worth it, despite the mixed emotions it can generate. A man is sitting quietly reading poetry when he is accosted by a very unusual woman. Somewhere between her screaming about not wanting to be touched and him describing the meaning hiding within a William Blake poem, they manage to make a strong interpersonal connection. 

Woman: Kris Augdahl
Man: Warren Sampson 

The Rental by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Matthew Kraft 

Sonya receives an extraordinary birthday present: a rented boyfriend.  He's the perfect man for her, but he's only there for one day. 

Sonya: Mina Souvannasoth
Harold: Jesse Bard 

The Sweet Spot by Richard Karulf, directed by Deb Karulf

A funny, yet poignant, play that focuses on the development of an unexpected friendship in the most unlikely of settings: a chemotherapy cancer center.  This dramedy, filled with pathos and good humor, explores the challenges and joys that accompany patients, families and staff as they confront the obstacles that breast cancer presents, along life’s journey. In The Sweet Spot, the two main characters are thrown together in the Chemo center as they confront and conquer the insidiousness of breast cancer. There are some interesting and unforeseen twists between Meg and Emily, the two female leads.

Meg: Linda Hayen
Emily: Kelly Ahlman
Roberta: Kris Augdahl
Dr. Dree: Chris Maresca
Brian: Jesse Bard 

Credit Check by Eddie Zipperer, directed by Reed Schulke 

A married couple, David and Jessica, find themselves in the afterlife. Jessica believes things won’t be too different, but David argues that his marriage vows (til death do us part) have been fulfilled and it’s time for them to part.

David: David Durkee
Jessica: Jennifer Kaune
Angela: Anna Anderson
God: Greg Olson
Dark Angel: TBA 

In the Yichud Room by Joel Fishbane, directed by Stephen Houtz

Following their wedding, Amy and Sutler go into the Yichud Room, in accordance with Jewish tradition. They are soon confronted by a visitor from Sutler’s past who reveals things which threaten their brief union. 

Amy: Mina Souvannasoth
Sutler: Mark Bauer
Chesterton: Warren Sampson 

Canyon's Edge by Barbara Lindsay, directed by Kerry Foerster

While making a long-postponed visit to the Grand Canyon, an elderly widower and his wife encounter a younger woman in the throes of a personal dilemma.
Coral: Linda Hayen
Roy: Jim Melzer
Cathy: Kirsten Cornille

September 21, 22, 28, 29 & October 5, 6 at 7:30 PM
October 7 at 2:00 PM

Tickets $13 online, $15 at the door, opening night is pay-what-you-can.

Riley Jacques Barn