Eden Prairie Players

Live Theater in Eden Prairie

2011 Collection of One Acts


Eden Prairie Players presents its seventh annual Collection of One Acts. 

Performance dates: Sept 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 Oct 1 at 7:30 pm, appetizers 7:00
Oct. 2nd  2:00 pm, appetizers 1:30 pm
This year's production features three established one acts and four original, unpublished works chosen from an open call for submissions that generated 472 entries!

Admission price includes refreshments served before the performance and desserts served at intermission. The production is performed at Riley-Jacques Barn (Map) at 9100 Riley Lake Rd., Eden Prairie.

Tickets at the door $20 (no reservations)
Tickets in advance through our website $13.50 + small handling fee or at the EP Senior Center and EP Community Center - $13.50

Seven Plays for the Seventh Annual Collection


Weight of the World by Eddie Zipperer (Comedy - 9 min)

Directed by David Durkee

The titan Atlas from Greek Mythology carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, literally! But when he gets lessons on astrophysics from the goddess of wisdom and the king of the gods, his whole reason for being comes into question.

Bedtime by Mary Gallagher (Comedy - 12 min)

Directed by Crystal G. Schneider

Unanswered questions about God and "forever" are keeping 10 year-old Tina up at night, and only the reassuring words of her sister, 12 year-old Kitty, can put her mind to rest. Between fart jokes and name calling, these sisters navigate existential questions as they struggle to find an answer good enough to let them go to bed.

Malled by Kerry Foerster (Comedy - 11 min)

Directed by Kerry Koerster

The family visits a shopping mall, splits into pairs, and the adults reveal some truths to their children about men and women.

Missing by Robin Pond (Comedy - 11 min)

Directed by Jennifer Kaune

A woman files a missing persons report about her husband, but is unable to remember the last time she saw him.  She is shocked at where the police officer finds him, but he offers an unconventional method to help her cope with some changes.

Seldom is Heard by Mary Steelsmith (Drama - 10 min)

Directed by Abigail Nones

Hannah's husband, Ivan, has returned from his tour of duty in Afghanistan with an I.E.D.- caused brain injury.  The term "supporting our troops" seems to have a different meaning now that he's home. Ivan's noisy and unpredictable behavior on his own front porch irks Marilyn, president of the local Neighborhood Restoration Association (NRA), who insists Ivan be put in a "special place," in order to keep up the local morale.

A Passion Play by Pippin Parker (Drama - 12 min)

Directed by Linda Hayen

A couple travels through Europe touring churches and ruins. While Natalie seeks a spiritual connection with the places they visit, David is more interested in authentic culinary experiences. Natalie comes to a realization about materialism and meaning in life.

Wanda's Visit by Christopher Durang (Comedy - 35 min)

Directed by Liz Michaelson

The humdrum routine of Jim and Marsha, a middle class suburban couple, is thrown into chaos by the arrival of Jim's old high school girlfriend for a not-entirely welcome visit. The visit proceeds from uncomfortable to inappropriate to surreal as we discover that Wanda is hiding out from a kingpin of crime she used to work for.


Cast and Staff


Weight of the World Atlas Phil Skretvedt
Athena Christy Nix
Zeus Steve Fusselman
Bedtime Tina Beth Tangeman
Kitty Kris Augdahl
Malled Everett Reed Schulke
Olive Gizelle Erickson
Bud Jason Duscher
Corky Lauren Schulke
Missing Justin Paul Modderman
Betty Margo Steffel
Seldom is Heard Ivan Paul Modderman
Hannah Kelly Ahlman
Marilyn Anna Anderson
A Passion Play Natalie Jeana Huls
David David Durkee
Wanda's Visit Wanda Christy Nix
Jim Phil Skretvedt
Marsha Amy Luedtke
Waiter Greg Olson
2 Men Reed Schulke
Jason Duscher


Producer Liz Michaelson
Directors David Durkee
  Crystal G. Schneider
  Kerry Foerster
  Jennifer Kaune
  Abigail Nones
  Linda Hayen
  Liz Michaelson
Stage Manager Leanne Ravey
Lighting/Sound Designer Matt Kraft
Board Operator Austin Evans
House Managers Robyn Seaton
Kris Eidem
Linda Hayen
Erica Fors