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Collection of One Acts Auditions

Eden Prairie Players will be holding auditions for our 2018 Collection of One Acts, featuring a new selection of eight original plays, on July 9 and 10. We have 21 roles to fill. Details of the plays are below.

To ensure the smooth running of the auditions, we ask you to please fill out and submit our online audition form, and schedule your audition appointment, at least two hours prior to the start of auditions. You will be asked to upload a photo of yourself (portrait-style preferred, but a formal headshot is not required) and a theatrical résumé if you have one, and to mark your conflicts during the rehearsal period.

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July 9 and 10, 6:30 PM.

Auditions are by appointment. Choose a time block in the audition form.

Scripts will be available to read starting at 6:00 PM.

Callbacks, if required, July 12, 7:00 PM.


Eden Prairie City Center (Map)

8080 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie

Garden Conference Room on the lower level. Sign in in the Garden Room.


Auditioners may choose to read sides from a script that we will provide or prepare one or two monologues, up to two minutes.

We recognize that you may not wish to be considered for every play in the collection. We will have copies of all of the plays available to read starting at 6:00 PM Monday and Tuesday nights. If there are any plays you would prefer not to be considered for, please inform the desk volunteer. 

Production Schedule

Rehearsals will be scheduled for each play, around the availability of the actors and directors, from early August to tech week.


Tech and Dress Rehearsals


Monday, September 10 through Thursday, September 13




September 14 and 15 at 7:30 pm

September 16 at 2:00 pm

September 20 - 22 at 7:30

September 23 at 2:00 pm


Plays and Roles

A Little Culture

by Elin Hampton

directed by Liz Michaelson

In an attempt to expand the horizons of her blue-collared husband George, Jane, an aspiring culture-connoisseur, brings him to the theatre for a rousing series of ten-minute plays.

JANE, 30's-early 40's. Reads ELLE with a sharpie. 

GEORGE, late 30's-late 40's. Comfortable in his love-handled skin. 

Red Roses at a Funeral

by James Colgan

directed by Tim Williams

Allison has just lost her husband, Steven, in a mountain climbing accident. At his memorial service, she confronts John whom she blames for her husband's death.

ALLISON, early thirties, very attractive, very fashionably dressed, very concerned about her social status. 

JOHN, late thirties; more earthy, socially inept. 

How Nice of You to Ask

by Rich Rubin

directed by Jen Cordes

An already not-so-standard survey takes an unexpected turn when Alan receives some spicy answers from Mavis.

ALAN, mid-20s tp early 30s

MAVIS, 70s


by Scott Mullen

directed by Nikki Abramson

Airport barista Zoe is curious about why she keeps seeing the same young man in the airport, day after day, even though sometimes he gets on planes; she finally asks him, and it changes her life.

PALMER, (20s or 30s). A young man. 

ZOE, (20s or 30s). A young woman.

Put Asunder

by James McLindon

directed by Steve Ramirez

A bride has a few loose ends to tie up before walking down the aisle: Is anyone ever sure about forever?

JANET,  a bride, mid-20’s to 40’s 

HALEY, her maid-of-honor, around Janet’s age 

BOB, a man around Janet’s age 

TREY, a man around Janet’s age 

ANGELO, another man around Janet’s age 

SYDNEY, another woman or man around Janet’s age 


by Brett Hursey

directed by Lori Alsdurf

Open-toe warfare breaks out when a wife and husband get into an argument over shoes.



A Harmony of Both

by Terence Patrick Hughes

directed by David Durkee

Emily bought a rubber chicken from The Petting Corner and it almost killed her dog. Emily has called The Petting Corner help-line nine times and is ready to kill them. The laws of nature collide with the anarchy of telephone customer service in a play about love, death, and the transcendentalism of chew-toys.

EMILY, female, a dog owner calling customer service to complain about a product

CONNIE, the first line support associate, new at the job

STAN, the company’s virtuoso Manager of Customer Smiles


by Peter Floyd

directed by Chad Giefer

Sandy wonders why her husband called out her sister Amelia’s name during a moment of intimacy. Does Amelia have any explanation? She has quite of number of them, actually.

AMANDA, F, 25 - 50 

SANDY, F, 25 - 50



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