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Collection of One Acts 2017

Our selections for 2017 Collection of One Acts are:

Taking Things in Hand

by Marj O’Neill-Butler 

directed by Lori Alsdurf

May, an older woman, thinks her friend Dorothy is lonely and wants to set her up. Dorothy resists when May suggests dating, but May has already set up her profile on media websites. After one failed “meet” May is about to give up, but Dorothy wants to get involved and learn about using the internet for dating.

A Place that Looks Like Davenport

by Paul Lewis

directed by Matthew Kraft 

A middle-aged couple in Davenport, Iowa, are grieving the loss of their only son, who was struck by a foul-ball line drive at a minor league baseball park. One night they have an unexpected visitor: the rookie shortstop who hit the ball into the stands.

Don't Bleed On Me (or Clothes Minded)

by Andy Rassler

directed by Liz Michaelson

A white load of socks is thrown into a panic when a colored sock is mistakenly thrown into the load.

From Sex to Oatmeal

by Richard Karulf

directed by Deb Karulf

The play follows Annie, an idealistic college woman who walks a tightrope as a peacemaker and mediator between Lilly, her career-oriented mother, and Henry, her quick-tempered grandfather, after the death of her grandmother. Her goal is to reunite the family, but this proves challenging.

Romeo and Juliet: Epilogue

by William Sikorski

directed by David Durkee

The subsequent criminal investigation. Detectives Davis and Stanley interrogate Friar Lawrence at the Verona 41st Precinct Police Station.

Driving Green

by Martin Blank

directed by Chad Giefer


A politically opposite married couple tries to survive going green and a morning commute without killing each other.


September 15 and 16 at 7:30 pm

September 17 at 2:00 pm

September 21 - 23 at 7:30

September 24 at 2:00 pm


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